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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

2 Years!

April 14, 2007
Yesterday Michael and I celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary! I can't believe how fast these two years have flown by, though it is hard to remember life before Michael. Maybe its because so much has happened and changed in those two years. Even since last year: we became parents, I finished seminary and now am a full time wife and mom, and we are just two short months away from the birth of Rivers. Life couldn't be any better! We celebrated yesterday by taking an overnight trip to Cincinnati. It was fun just getting to spend the whole day and night with Michael uninterrupted. I am SO thankful that the Lord gave me such an incredible husband (I could keep writing page after page about how amazing he is but it would embarrass him so I won't). God has been gracious to grow us in our understanding of how to be a godly husband and wife these two years, and as a result our marriage and love for each other has grown! I look forward to decades more of anniversaries!
Us Now
Other updates: I had a Dr. appointment last week and Rivers is measuring right on time and is completely healthy. He is growing so fast (and so is my belly!). In the past week he has become extremely active. Madeline is almost through month 10! Her crawling has picked up in these 2 weeks and she is getting around really fast. This has increased her curiosity of everything around her now that she has access to it, so we are always having to keep our eye on her. It makes life a little more crazier. Can't y'all just see me at 7 months pregnant chasing around a sneaky little crawler all day long (it is fun though)! Just today we found her fully standing up in her crib which is the first time she has pulled all the way up. This has made nap time interesting (as you can see in the picture at the bottom!). This past week was a tough week for Madeline. She had a viral throat infection at the beginning of last week that made her have a high temperature and feel pretty tired through Wednesday. Then on Friday night I found a sore under her left arm. Our doctor sent us to the ER to have it checked out and as we suspected it was a staff infection. It was a tramatic night for her because they had to draw blood and drain the absess. They sent us home with antibiotics and they seem to be working. We spent the weekend disinfecting everything including Bailey and us. We are thankful that we caught the infection so quickly and she is healing so fast.
Michael has decided to start his own lawn service on his off days. It is coming along steadily... so if any of you reading this in the Louisville need some excellent lawn care give us a call! That's pretty much the updates on our life... more to come soon!
Here are some 10 month pics of Madeline:
Madeline and I spent a week at the end of March in Mississippi
Madeline modeling the beautiful dress that Granne made her

She is a good multi-tasker already... reading while on a walk
Fun in the bath
First Easter egg hunt
It was successful
"Mom, I'm not tired! I don't want to nap!"