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Be JOYFUL always, PRAY without ceasing, give THANKS in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you. 1 Thess 5:16-18

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Our Hero

This was the front page if the Metro section of the Courier Journal this morning. Notice the hotty in the center of the pic :)

Friday, October 21, 2011

Sweet Prayers for Daddy

Every night before our kids go to bed, we read them a story from one of our Bible story books, sing a hymn, and pray. We often ask them what or who they would like to pray for and then give them a chance to pray. Most of the time their prayers go something like this, "Father, thank you for _______. Amen." The nights that Mike is working we always pray for him. Tonight, Madeline said that she wanted to pray for Daddy, and I was expecting her usual prayer. Instead this is what she prayed,

"Thank you for my Father. Help him to grow. Be with him at work. Please can he not go to work because I love him so much? Amen."

Well, I was in tears by the end of it! We so miss Mike when he has to be away from us, and as you can tell, he is such awesome daddy that our kids want him to always be with us. I pray they will continue to go to God and trust him in all of their needs and concerns.

5 months Old!

Last week Baby Girl turned 5 months old. This week she has officially gone mobile by rolling over. As soon as you place her on her back she'll flip to her stomach and scoot around. This sweet girl's smile is contagious and she remains such a content baby. If you can't tell, we all just adore her!


We have been singing the Doxology most nights before dinner for about a week or so now. Madeline especially likes this prayer and often breaks out at other times during dinner to sing it.

Here's a little peek :)

Fun Fall!

I am so glad Fall is here. So far we have had a fun and busy fall. I love Louisville in the Fall. The leaves are beautiful turning colors, the weather is getting cooler, and there is lots of fun things to do in or around the city! Last weekend we went to the "World's Largest Halloween Party" at the zoo. They decorate the entire zoo with different movie themes and have Live characters out and about. The kids had a lot of fun, and so did we.

Mawmaw and Rivers starting the trick or treating
This pic is kind of blurry, but it is one of my favorite from the night. My niece was trying to get Rivers to smile for a picture and this is what he did... I love my sweet Little Man!
Madeline loved seeing all the princesses there.
Cute little Lion
The 3 munchkins ready to get some candy
Two weeks ago we went on our annual pumpkin picking trip to Huber's Farm with a few families from our church. It was a blast. Some friends also took some family picture of us that I hope to post soon (especially since we have none of all 5 of us). Here are some pics I got before my camera died.

This is my favorite one from the day.
Daddy and Rivers pickin apples
Not great... but the best shot I got of the 3 kids together
We are so blessed to have such great friends!