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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Mississippi Trip

We made another trip to Mississippi for a few days in September and it was crammed packed with lots of fun things!  Our first stop was Vardaman to see Mamps and Granne.  It was an extra special trip because my cousin, Jennifer's kiddos were there as well, and all the kids had so much fun together! We swung with Granne, picked veggies in Mamps' garden, and ate fried chicken.

 We of course had so much fun at Papa's and Marmie's.  We enjoyed our last little bit of summer in the swimming pool and sand box.

 It was also a fun trip because we all got to go to one of Papa's football games and cheer on the Falcons! We all got decked out in our purple and gold. It was kindof funny because they were playing my highschool alma mater, and its the first game I've been to since graduating, but we had to cheer for Papa. The Falcon's won so that was extra fun!

First Day of School Pics

Well we've kicked off our second official year of homeschooling. It's in full blast, which is why I haven't blogged for a while... and am setting aside my "free time" on this Saturday to catch up :)

I know I'm biased, but I think she's the most lovely 5 year old around!
And Silly

Rivers really wanted his own sign to hold, but that morning
wasn't too thrilled about pics

But in his world Maddie can make everything better! 

Here's to another fun, adventurous, crazy year at our little School House!

4 Months

 I can't believe you are 4 months old!  How can that be possible?  This month you've started using the bouncer because you love to be standing up on your feet.  You you love bath time (yes, even in a pink bath tub :)

We made another trip to Mississippi and you were the perfect little traveler.  You made your first trip to Mamps and Granne's in Vardaman.

 Dressed for your first UK vs UL game

You've been working on rolling over all month and are getting closer and closer!

3 months

 Sweet boy, you have made adding another child to our family as easy as it could possibly be!  You are the most laid back, most content, happiest baby. I'm not sure to attribute this to your being a 4th child, your personality, or a little bit of both.  Even on an overnight camping trip you were happy to just be with our family and watch the world around you.
This month you have definitely become a smiley guy.  Just in saying your name you and engaging you, you willingly give this huge smile... and you smile as much with your eyes as your mouth.  You bring so much joy to others with this huge smile.  One of my favorite things about Sunday mornings is all of the older ladies at church coming up to see you and you just lighting up, in return making them feel so special.

 This guy loves some brother time, and I pray you two will be life long buds! You're looking more and more like him.

 I think you've been to the zoo more times than any other 3 month old probably because it's one of your sister and brothers favorite places to be. This trip we went with lots of cousins.
You have found your hands, and they are often in your mouth.  Somehow you can manage to get your whole fist in there.

Again, that smile!  You melt my heart! You've also started babbling a ton and I love having little baby conversations with you!

How have 3 months flown by so quickly?

2 Months

So it's catch up time for Jack Housley!  Here's our little fella at 2 months old...

 This month he's started sleeping in his crib, instead of in the bassinet in our room.  He likes to sleep swaddled like this, but most mornings wakes up with at least one arm that has wiggled up by his face. By 8 weeks old he was sleeping between 7-8 hours a night!
 Oh those kissable cheeks... and they get kissed constantly.
 This girl loves him so much!
 This month he's started giving us glimmers of smiles, and remains such a happy and content little guy.
 Getting bigger and stronger day by day.
 I'm trying to soak up these sweet newborn snuggles as much as possible.
 He's become quite the pro of car seat napping being the 4th child and is so flexible with our out and about activities.  
What a blessing this baby boy is and how we all adore him!