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Monday, September 19, 2011

Disney on Ice

Last Wednesday my mother in law took Madeline and I (Gloria tagged along too) along with my sister in law, Michele, and her three youngest kids to Disney on Ice. To say that Madeline had fun is an understatement. She was absolutely thrilled to be there, even picked out a dress so she could look like a princess, and when it was over she almost cried because she didn't want to leave. I have to admit, that I really enjoyed it too. I thought it might be amateur or cheesy, but it really was an amazing show. They had great effects and the ice skating was very good, at least I thought, and I was really entertained!

Not sure if a 4 month old can actually enjoy the show but even Gloria seemed to really like it.

Peter Pan flying off to Neverland with the Wendy, John, and Michael
Michele and Gloria
All the kids glued to the action
Our favorite was The Little Mermaid's "Under the Sea." Bubbles fell from the ceiling and giant jelly fish were floating around
Thanks Mamaw for a fun night to remember!


I'm going to be posting lots of pictures from some fun things we've been able to do the past month.... it's been a long time coming so bear with me :)

A few weeks ago we went to SBTS's family fall festival. The theme was Narnia which we were excited about because it is one of our favorite movies... yes, especially Madeline's. They left no detail unattended to, and we had such a fun night with the kids. Here are some of my favorites from the night...

About to enter through the Wardrobe. It was complete with fur coats and everything.
Before you entered through the wardrobe they had the hallways set up like a train station with noises all around and conductors walking up and down. Here are the kids with one of them.

Meeting Susan and Lucy once we walked through the wardrobe.

Enjoying some of the yummy treats! We even got to try turkish delight.
Our princess showing off the crown she made.
Petting the pretty horses that were part of the real live jousting event later on that night.
Little miss enjoying the jousting
Lots of fun in the inflatables
They stood like this without moving for a good 45 minutes watching the "knights" joust, just mesmerized!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Happy 4 Months Gloria!

We just adore our baby girl and cannot believe how fast she is growing up! She is no longer a newborn for sure. She loves sitting up where she can see everything around her and what is going on and no longer likes to be held cradled like a baby, which makes this momma a little sad. She is definitely our most content baby yet. She rarely cries and is full of smiles and laughter these days. I also think we have another talker on our hands. She can hold her own making her little voice known as she jabbers away.
This past week she has come out of the swaddle and falls asleep like a big baby now without it. Miss Gloria is growing bigger too! At her 4 month doctor appointment this week she weighed 14 lbs. 9 oz. (75%) and was 26 inches long (95%!). This is a shocker since Madeline and Rivers both barely make it on the charts. I'm not quite sure where she is getting that height!
She is almost rolling over and loves to stand up when you hold her hands. This week she tried out the jumper and absolutely loves playing in there. It's been one busy month of growing for our girl! Happy 4 months sweet Gloria! You sure make our home a more joyful place!