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Be JOYFUL always, PRAY without ceasing, give THANKS in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you. 1 Thess 5:16-18

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Our One Year Old!

Sorry we have been so delayed in blogging this past month. May was quite busy for the Frantz family! It all started off with Derby season the first week of May. Madeline and I both experienced our first trip to Churchill Downs. We didn't go to the actual Derby races, but went to a couple of races earlier in the week. Madeline loved seeing all the horses and we had a great time. Checking out the horses before the races began

I picked the winning horse for the first race... but then it was all down hill after that!

We also went and spent a week in Mississippi. It was the last week I could officially travel. We had lots of visitors and fun adventures! I got the third stomach virus of this pregnancy (the second one in Mississippi. I think there is something in the water). While we were there Madeline got to go swimming for the first time. Even though it was cold, her sweet daddy got in with her and she absolutely loved it.
(About to try the water for the first time!)

The whole trip to Mississippi wasn't so peaceful though. While I was sick, Mike took Madeline to the lake to feed the ducks one afternoon. He didn't know these ducks were psycho about food and they rushed to attack Mike and Maddie when they got to shore. Maddie screamed and clung to Mike as he ran to the car. They escaped with no injuries, but I think Madeline might be a little traumatized by the event. Later on that week we went back to the lake. Although she had a good time, as soon as she saw the ducks she clung to Mike for dear life again!

We got to see lots of family that came to wish Maddie a happy birthday, and she enjoyed opening all the presents. Susan came at the beginning of the week, and Kathy, Henry, and Molly came over one night. Then we had Madeline a Mississippi birthday party that weekend and Granne and Mamps came from Vardaman for the day. Even our dear friends Andy and Melanie got to come up for a couple of hours. It was so much fun!

Our last day in Mississippi was Mother's Day and it was a lot of fun and really special to get to celebrate my first Mother's day with my mom.

May was also my birthday and Mike's birthday (he turned the Big 30!), and then we had Madeline's first birthday! For her party here we went to one of our favorite parks and grilled out with Mike's family and some other of Maddie's favorite people! It was a blast... especially watching her dig into her cupcake.

I think she liked the cupcake!

Showing how she blows kisses

After we got back from Mississippi the next weekend we made a quick day trip to Nashville and got to meet cousin Max. I think that Maddie is ready for a little brother!

It is so hard to believe that a year has gone by! We are extremely grateful for God's mercy in Madeline's life, and experience it daily as we watch her grow, develop, and learn. She has been a source of absolute joy to our family and we feel humbled that God has given us this amazing task and responsibility of being her parents. Our little girl May 19, 2008
Our Big One year Old!

I know this has been a long post... sorry! A quick update on Rivers though. I just had a Drs. appointment and everything looks great. His head is down, which means he is in position to come! My platelet count has been low again, and my drs. have had me start some medicine which should help them come up. If they are stable by the 18th and Rivers hasn't made his arrival yet, they probably will induce labor to make sure they stay stable! So at least 2 weeks from Thursday we will get to meet our little boy. Erica is coming in a week to help out the last week, and we can't wait! So next time we post (realistically) we will be a family of FOUR! We covet your prayers!