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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Day at the Farm

One of our favorite things to do here around Louisville is go to Huber's Farm. It's just across the bridge in Indiana and we enjoyed such a fun morning there last weekend. It's been so hot outside but Saturday was overcast and surprisingly pleasant. We got there and they let us play on their cool slide and swing set and visit the animals before it even opened. We had the place all to ourselves and had a blast.

Visiting the goats, chickens, and turkeys. They kept waiting for us to throw some food their way but we had no coins to get any :(
Enjoying the cool Huber's barn slide
They loved this tire swing... Mike might just have to rig one up on our swing set!
Riding the tractor
Then we went berry picking. First we made a stop at the blackberries and as you can see by Rivers face we enjoyed a few while picking! They were delicious and plump and juicy! Next we headed to the blueberries, and again had our fair share of sampling.

Follow the daddy through the fields to pick some berries
Our scrumptious blackberries we picked. Even though we've been on this new healthier eating kick, I have to confess we did enjoy a blackberry cobbler last night and it was delicious!
The lady who weighed our berries asked if she needed to weigh our kids too before we paid! Ha! It was all over their faces we had done some sampling while picking.
Picking blueberries
Gloria slept most of the time but woke up to do a little picking too.