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Friday, October 29, 2010

Lots of time with Family!

We have had a month filled with visits/visiting my family. It all started in early October. My cousins Matt, Jennifer, and Emily came from Nashville for a visit. Matt and Jenn have a little boy, Max, who is only a few months older than Rivers. We really didn't do much but watch football and catch up because it was raining most of the day, but the kids had a blast playing and it was so fun to see them together.
Max and Rivers
All 3 kiddos together before bed

Not really a "family" pic, but this is one of my favorites of Madeline this month. For any of you who know this girl you know she LOVES her veggies. This carrot was meant to feed a horse Mike took Maddie to see, but she ate it and wouldn't share with the horses!

Mid October Marmie came for 5 days to visit us in Louisville and we had a packed, fun filled time with her. We went with the kids to the Zoo for their Halloween party. Madeline was a little confused and upset because all the animals were not out, but she ended up enjoying all the characters. Rivers of course was just along for the ride and had a blast.

Our Little Oompa Loompa
Madeline liked the "cowboy" and "astronaut" the best
Getting lots of great snuggle time with Marmie
We went to Huber's to pick apples and visit the pumpkin patch. Madeline loving not just picking but eating the apples!
In the pumpkin patch

Little man enjoying crawling among the pumpkins

Marmie drove back with the kids and I to Mississippi for a week while Mike stayed in Louisville building up some work days to join us for a vacation. He flew down the next Thursday to meet us for another week. I love that we got to spend so much time with Papa, Marmie, Erica, and Uncle Al. Since we only get to see them every few months the kids change so much so quickly. When we get to see them for such an extended amount of time, I feel like they really get to know the kids and see their personalities (good and bad)! Ha Ha! While we were there we got to see two of Papa's football games. Rivers wanted so bad to be a big boy and get out there and play football!

We also visited the pumpkin patch in Mississippi and Madeline experienced her first pony ride. She was a natural and loved it!

Aunt E and Maddie on the hay ride

We had such a fun time! We also got to see Granne and Mamps and the kids had a blast picking tomatoes and peppers from Mamp's garden. My batteries in my camera died so hopefully I'll get pictures from Granne soon to post. We saw lots of other friends and family, got lots of rest and good meals. Thanks Marmie, Papa, Erica, and Uncle Al for "putting up" with us for so long!